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It's the beginning of May and I have been stewing on something for awhile - starting up a dye business again! Years ago I had previously ran a dye business with my sister, Kellee, and upon having my first child I gave her the reins and enjoyed this new little life the world had blessed me with.

Fast forward to 2019 where I now have an almost 4 year old, two 7 month old twin boys, a new house with A LOT of potential (trust me, I am emphasizing that "a lot" because there is an unfinished basement calling to be my yarn studio). I've been dreaming of dyeing again and getting back out there. I've been telling myself "once Danny is in school" or "once the twins are 1 years old" over and over again, but I've realized I can't keep delaying. Have you ever reached that point in your life?

I think about how much I want to do this and what a strong dream it has become. And now, with the push of a few friends, knowing that the longer I delay strengthens the chance it won't happen, and that if I really want this I should just go for it, I am making that dream a reality. That little push from friends is what is truly making this happen and that drive within myself to give myself what I want is fueling the remainder of that dream becoming true. How many of you have dreams you want to come true? After the debate my brain has been having with itself over the last few years I say go for it! Do what I'm doing - I may sound like a self help book right now, but you'll thank me later. I'm so tired of holding myself back - and that's exactly what I've been doing. I've watched those around me pursue their dreams and be their true selves and succeed and that jealy bug has been so strong. Why? Because I was wanting to do the same thing - follow my dream!

I want to to introduce to what will be Yarnaceous Fibers. It's joining my love of dinosaurs with my love of yarn, knitting and all things needle craft related. We are a small batch dye company that will be going live in July of 2019. Based out of Lake Point, UT. We aim to focus on specialty yarns that will appeal to your deepest knitting dreams and flow from skein to fabric off your needles and keep you coming back for more.

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  • I hope there is another box coming on my advent. I’m missing several days 5,8, 14, 17, 20, 23. :(

    Lisa Martinez
  • Hello, my name is Vadim. We liked your site and we would like to know if it is possible to cooperate with posting an article on your site with an open link to us? What is needed for this and is there such a possibility?

    Kenobov Vadim
  • Hello! Made a hat from Titano – l love that yarn. Trying to calculate how much I have left of each color, but I can’t find a skein weight anywhere – just “108 yards.” I can do the math if I have a weight. Please share! Thank you! KF

    Kathy France
  • Did you receive my order for the Strata Pullover Kit? $160?
    Please let me know.

  • Can you let me know if the salta base is superwash merino? Thanks!


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